Saturday, February 13, 2010

Missionary Doctors

These are the missionary doctors of tomorrow.  Very handsome!  On the left is Pastor Jim Moon's son, Sam.  On the right is my grandson Sebby.  They are dressed up in Sabbath School as doctors.  Sabbath School is fun because they get to do all kinds of stuff and the teachers have wonderful interactive programs.  Sebby looks forward to "Say Good Morning."  It is a song they sing in Sabbath School and everyone goes around shaking hands. That is what he calls Sabbath School. When we drive by the church during the week he says, "There's Say Good Morning!" He enjoys seeing his friends each week too.  

I could take a million pictures of all the cute things they do and what they get to dress up as.  I am a proud grandparent.  What can I say?  Enjoy!

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