Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Never Out Of Season

Denice gave Sebby a Gingerbread Train kit to put together for a Christmas present.  In all we had going on it got shoved to the back of the pantry. Last night I was thinking about what I could do with the boys today.  Suddenly I remembered the train.

This morning when they came over I gave them their usual bath, dressing, and breakfast. Afterward Sebby and I cleaned up breakfast together and got out the Gingerbread Train.

We carefully laid out the pieces.  The "cow catcher" was broken in three places but everything else was in good shape.  Following the instructions we made icing "glue", separated the candies, got out piping bags, and readied the sprinkles. We were able to put it together and even glued the "cow catcher" back together so you could't tell it was broken.  It looks great!  We got licorice to make tracks and gum drops for trees and squirted "glue" all over them for snow.It was so much fun, and Sebby hung in there the whole time and even said, "Thank you for the train!"

Taking pictures was fun too.  We put the timer button into action and had another project.  Getting the picture just right.  "Let me see it!" he would say excitedly.  Then, "Do it again!"  Laughing and giggling we finished our photos and came to post them on my blog.

Some things may seem out of season, but making a Gingerbread Train was a fun activity.  Fun is never out of season.

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  1. How fun!!! I can't wait to have energy to do things with Abby again. I can barely get off the couch these days. Thank goodness for Mom's and MIL's...