Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Train Cakes

My grandson, Sebby, loves trains.  I asked him what he wanted for breakfast.  After yesterdays fun train project still in his memory He exclaimed, "A train cake!"  After thinking on that a bit, we decided to get out the pancake mix and make a train pancake. Sebby added the right amount of water to the mix and beat it with a wisk.

We heated up the griddle, sprayed it with cooking spray, and he spooned out some batter onto the hot griddle.  I shaped the batter into a rectangle.  After that was cooked we set it on the plate.  We cooked a round pancake and cut it in half.  One half we put for the front of the engine and the other half for the cab on top.  Then we cooked a cloud shaped one for the smoke.

After assembling the main part Sebby cut (with a butter knife) banana wheels and head lights.  He also cut banana windows and a door.  He put raisins for people in the window and bolts on the wheels.  Then we poured syrup on the bottom of the plate for "tracks".

Of course we had to take pictures.  We would have saved this work of art to show Mommy but it disappeared quickly.  Sorry, pictures will have to do.

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