Friday, February 12, 2010

RSV And The Sickies

Worried about the H1N1 scare Casey and I took the boys to get their vaccinations.  I don't think the swine flu was as crazy as everyone hyped it to be.  But we still face cold and flu season.  Even thought the boys don't go out much in winter because it is just to miserably cold they still caught colds.  Casey and I keep the boys well dressed and socked, when in the house.  They don't go out without a coat and hat and "glubs", as Sebby calls them.  I even wipe down the grocery cart handle when at the store with those disinfectant wipe thingies they provide at the door. Plus I carry those in my purse to wipe off stuff they might touch at other places where I think there might be mucho germs.

It is dry here in Alamosa and makes it easier for anyone to catch cold.  But with kids, if they don't get over it quickly, a cold can turn into a respiratory illness that is a pain to kick.  Sebby has asthma so this cold he caught threw him into an asthma attack.  Casey knows the regimen for asthmatic children so we were able to avoid the hospital and take care of him at home. Fortunately, I own an oxygen company and was able to get her all the prescribed machines and oxygen easily. Sebby is doing much better and running around like his old self.

Davy is in the throws of RSV.  Respiratory Syncytial Virus is a very common virus that leads to cold-like symptoms.  But in very small babies it can be a problem.  Fortunately, Davy is a strong 11.5 month old.  Though he is miserable, he is able to stay home.  Again the prescribed oxygen and nebulizer treatments are being used.  He is on Amoxicillin.  But that is because he has a slight ear infection.

Casey is staying at our house for a few days.  It is easier than getting the kids out in the cold every morning to bring them here for the day.  She has her old bedroom set up like a children's hospital ward.  She is a conscientious mother.  She makes sure they get the medications at the right time.  She is organized at keeping all the medications separate so we don't have cross contamination.  I am running everything through the washer or dishwasher sanitation cycles and spraying everything down with Lysol.  Lots of handwashing too.  My hands are really drying out.

I guess you just can't avoid getting sick even when you try your hardest to protect.  I also know that it is a natural way for the body to build antibodies.  Still, having two kids sick at the same time is very stressful.  Getting a full night of sleep is impossible especially for Casey who gets up in the middle of the night to nurse the boys.  Hopefully, we can get a good nights sleep very soon!

Glad we found out what RSV was.  At first it scared us, but now that we know how to treat it we are fine.  Davy already looks better and is resting with much less congestion.  Hopefully he can kick this quickly and be back to "Mr. Happy" again.

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