Monday, January 11, 2010

"Great" Grandparents

I am very blessed to have my parents around.  They have been great parents throughout my life tho some times in my early years I didn't think so.  They are doing great in their 3000 square foot home that they have lived in for the past 45 years.  In many ways it still looks like new because they take really good care of it.  In other ways it is just wearing out.

Dad still does most of his own yard work.  For 87 years old....that is saying a lot.  Once in awhile he hires someone to come help him trim the major stuff.  But he trims the ivy, and there is a lot of it, mows his yard, weeds, prunes, and waters the fruit trees. He gets up early, gets the paper, brews the coffee, and spends time in his personal library.  Then he goes outside to work.  Sometimes he rides his bike around the neighborhood, but that is less and less these days.

On morning he went outside to work.  Mom was putting around the house working when she heard a faint call.  She looked around and couldn't see anything.  So she went outside. She heard Dad say, "Help me outa here!"  There he was in the back yard stuck in the green waste can.  He had climbed in hoping to get "more" for his dollar and really pack that waste in there. Unlucky for him he couldn't get out.  It was funny and Mom had all she could do to keep from busting a gut, as they say.  Yeah, busting a gut getting him out of there and laughing.

I have stories about Mom too but will save those for another post.  The folks came for Christmas.  That was a chore to get them to decide to come let alone get them here.  But they came.  Dad doesn't much like traveling anymore.  It's just too much for him.  But he braved the odds and boarded a non-stop flight to Denver.  They were here for over two weeks.  They had fun and so did we. Dad especially enjoyed the deer, birds, and fox in our back yard.

What is really great is that they got to spend time with their great grandsons. That is a precious memory that I have and will always cherish.  Mom, being 83, does use the computer and got herself set up on a webcam.  We get to visit often and she still gets to see the boys.  They know who G-G and G-Pa are.  I think it is wonderful.  I also thank God for keeping them healthy so they can get to know their great grandchildren! What a blessing! They really are "Great" Grandparents.

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