Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jesus' Houses

Casey and I were in the home office with the boys.  Sebby was cutting and pasting.  He was all serious in his work mode.  Casey and I were talking about Sabbath School and church.  Casey told me that Sebby talked to her about Jesus' house this morning.  "Are we going to Jesus' house today?"  Then he said, "Jesus has lots of houses!"

I asked him if he had been to lots of houses that belonged to Jesus.  He nodded. We chuckled and then asked him what he thought of Jesus' houses. "Jesus' houses are really cool!"

I just love innocence.  I bet Jesus smiled and may have even chuckled.  Not so much at what Sebby said, but at Casey and I.  We thought it was so cute for Sebby to say that, but Jesus probably thought, "This kid really understands! My houses ARE cool!"

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