Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Fun

Our fox has been hanging around lately.  All the other animals have been enjoying the bird feeder, why not Blondie?  She is enjoying one of the stale bagels that I threw out there this morning.  It is blueberry.  I also threw out stale bread, several slices.  The deer and magpies enjoyed those.  It is hard for them to find food after a snow, so I figure that someone might as well enjoy the old stuff, right?

Casey and Sebby are spending quality time together.  They were going to sled down the very slight hill in our backyard, but it proved not to be such a good idea.  Then they tried building a snow man, but the snow is so dry that it just fell apart.  So they flopped down and made snow angels.  That was a success, but it was a chilling experience as they came in the house soon after that.  However, Sebby showed is appreciation to mommy by giving her a big fat kiss of appreciation.

1 comment:

  1. He's such a cutie and it was fun even if the snow was not sled or snowman worthy! I love my little buddy.