Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Flowers for Denice

I was in my office when I heard the doorbell ring.  I went to answer it and as I opened the door my little grandson, Sebby, walked in and handed me flowers.  Yellow Gerber daisies.  "These are for Denice!" he exclaimed with a huge smile on his face. My sister-in-law has just moved to the valley.  She had been staying at my daughter's house for a few days and then moved into our apartment yesterday.  Sebby was in tears when she packed her things and moved over here.  He didn't want her to leave.  He had apparently bonded in some way to her while she was there and really enjoyed having her around.  (She is a Gamma too and knows how to play with toddlers.)

I handed back the flowers and directed him to the apartment. "Well, she is in her apartment.  Go give them to her."  He grabbed them back and swinging them around in the air proudly went to Denice's apartment to give her the flowers.  While he did this Casey explained to me that this was all his idea.  She said that they needed to go to the store and he got excited and asked, "to get flowers for Denice?" Casey asked him if he wanted to get her flowers and he said yes.  He got his own money, picked out the flowers himself, paid for them, and with the help of Mommy, delivered them. Needless to say Denice was very touched. So much so she got a little emotional.

How wonderful it is that children learn to be kind and giving.  I think Sebby learned this from Don, his grandpa.  Don took Sebby several times to get flowers for me and his Mommy.  Sebby learned that women like getting flowers and that it is a sign of affection and love.  I am so grateful for Don teaching Sebby how to truly be a man and show his love to those he feels are special in his life.  This is just one of those things that will always be a treasured moment.

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