Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vanishing Cream Cheese

Denice went to the store the other night to get some things she likes for breakfast.  She bought bagels and a large tub of cream cheese among other things.  She brought it home and as she pulled it out of the bag she said, "I had to get a larger size than I wanted cuz that is all they had."  Then she put her groceries away.

Yesterday she got up and went to get her breakfast and discovered that the cream cheese was missing.  She just grabbed something for breakfast that didn't require cream cheese and went off to work.  This morning she looked again for the cheese and couldn't find it.  She came home after work and asked me about it.  I told her I remembered her taking it out of the bag, making a comment about it and then putting it in the 'fridge. We searched both refrigerators, cabinets, counters, and even considered going through the trash.  She thought she must have thrown it away accidently. Sniff!

In walks Casey.  She heard us talking about the cream cheese.  "Oh, are you looking for the cream cheese?  I took it the other morning when I dropped the boys off because I was starving.  So I helped myself to one of Denice's bagels and took her cream cheese.  It is in the fridge at the school.  I was gonna bring it back but I took another bagel this morning and needed the cheese again."  Denice just stood there dumbfounded.

Here we had spent a better part of our lives that day looking for cream cheese that we knew she had put in the fridge.  We thought we had gone looney! After a minute of shock, we busted out laughing.  So that is what happened to the vaninshing cream cheese.  At least we weren't crazy!

I went to the store tonight and bought her a new tub. I think I will bill Casey!

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