Sunday, January 17, 2010

Culture Found in Alamosa

While driving back for a day of exploring Saturday we found this guy carving a train out of ice in downtown Alamosa.  He was explaining and giving a demonstration on how he does it. They set up a light after this and it looked pretty pun intended.  Apparently he had been there most of the day because there were several sculpures lining the street on both sides. 

This sculpture was right in front of the old Rialto theater that has since been converted to a Bistro, and Italian restaurante.  We decided to go in and have a bite to eat.  It was really good.  They have an awesome spinach lasagna and Tuxedo cheese cake.  Though I have been on weight watchers I thought it was a good time to celebrate the end to an awesome day of exploring the valley with friends.

The sculptures were of a train theme.  "Alamosa was established in May 1878 by the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad and quickly became an important rail center. The railroad had an extensive construction, repair and shipping facility in Alamosa for many years and headquartered its remaining narrow gauge service here with trackage reaching many points throughout southwest Colorado and northern New Mexico. Alamosa is now a notable tourist town with many nearby attractions including the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. The town hosts a SummerFest on the Rio which occurs the first weekend in June and the Early Iron car show over the Labor day weekend. The city takes its name from the Alamosa River. "Alamosa" is a Spanish adjective meaning "of cottonwood."(Wikapedia)

This is a demonstration piece the carver did to show how you can make angles in ice.  He whipped it out pretty fast and it looks neat with the light behind it.  He said he does sculptures for weddings and parties as well as street shows.

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