Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Owies and Naughties

Accidents happen.  Davy was in Casey's arms when she opened the toaster oven to get her bread out.  He lifted is leg and touch the door with his calf.  Being baby skin, it seared quick.  But due to quick thinking she got his leg under cool water.  Minimal damage was done. We slathered it up with aloe vera, bandaged it and he is doing great.This didn't make any difference to Casey.  She felt terrible.  She cried and cried that she had injured her baby boy. Nothing we said made any difference.  She just had to work through it. "Owie"!

Today I went to an employee meeting and Don watched the boys for about an hour and a half.  When I got home I opened the door and was met with a terrible gas smell.  I walked into the kitchen and there was Don on his hands and knees cleaning up water that Sebby had poured over Davy and then threw the glass and it broke.  While Don was cleaning it up Sebby was dumping fish crackers all over Davy and they were "swimming" in the water.  I looked at the stove.  Sebby had turned on the gas.

I turned the stove off, grabbed Sebby, marched him to the back bedroom and after some firm discipline I put him down for his nap.  I went back and got Davy, changed him out of his wet clothes, discovered a cut on his finger, bandaged it, fed him, and put him down for his nap.  Don went back to the office exasperated.

You can't stop everything, or protect them from it all.  I am glad they go home at night, but by morning I am ready to have them again.  After all, I love being with them and will enjoy every moment with them as long as I can.  Beside, if they were perfect, what would I have to write about?

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