Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Copy Cat!

Don came home from work and sat up at the bar, took out his pen and Sudoku book, and began figuring out a puzzle.  Sebby went and got the Sudoku book I gave him to play with along with a pen and sat up at the bar next to Grandpa to work out his puzzle.

After a few minutes Don got down to get a glass of water.  He got a glass out of the cupboard, put it up to the ice machine for some ice and then filled it with water.  Sebby got down from his puzzle working, got a glass, put ice in the cup, and filled it with water.

Then Sebby asked Grandpa if he would play Match Game.  So they set it up on the floor and Grandpa got the ottoman to lay on so he could rest while playing the game.  Sebby said, "Just a minute Grandpa."  He went over to the other ottoman and dragged it to the game area.  He layed on it like Grandpa and they were ready to start the game.

Don looked at me out of the corner of his eye and said under his breath..."This is a lot of pressure! I really have to watch it!"  No kidding!  Funny how kids copy cat us. In Sebby's eyes his Grandpa is the greatest thing.  But he also copies Josh, and sometimes other friends that come over who play with him.  One kid came over and played his guitar.  Sebby got up on the same chair.  He asked for his Yukulele and played with the kid.  It was cute.

I hope that we will always be something that our Grandkids want to copy.  It does make one stop and think before doing something stupid or embarassing.  I don't want my Grandkids to ever copy that stuff! You never know when they will be watching you.

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  1. I just read a story about a kid who went up to his dad's boss at a party and said, "Dad says you're a drunk!" Fortunately, the boss was plastered and didn't remember it later but it really made me think about what I should say ABOUT others, not only in front of Abby but EVER.