Sunday, January 17, 2010

Visiting One of the Three Little Pigs

I've lived in this Valley for 21 years.  Don and I have explored all around. Yesterday we picked up a couple of church ladies and alone with my Sister-in-law, Denice, Don and I went exploring again. 

It was a beautiful day as many days are in Alamosa.  That is why they call it the "Land of Cool Sunshine."  Heading east just southeast of Fort Garland near Forbes Trinchera we tried to visit another friend but she wasn't home so we took a back road from her place to see Mountain Home Reservoir. Along the road we spotted this house made of hay bales.  As soon as I saw it I yelled, "Stop!  There's one of the Little Pigs homes."  I need to take a picture. 

The structure had a roof on it and even a couple windows and a door.  Yet it was buldging out the back.  I don't remember seeing a straw house before.  Denice said she has and that they are pretty well insulated.  The windows face south for passive heat.  I didn't see a chimney.  Not sure anyone would want to start a fire in there....poof!  Though it didn't seem like Mr. Piggy was around I didn't see any wolves around either. Hmmm!  Interesting.

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