Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wolf Moon Light

The is a night shot taken at 4:30 am with the Wolf Moon as lighting.  It was almost like day.  What I don't like about this shot is the pinkness.  It really didn't look pink, but it was pretty much this bright.  If you know how to get the pink out, let me know.  I am just an amateur photographer and this is my first real night shot. I will say this for the pink shots. It looks kinda ethereal.The shot of the Wolf Moon came out pretty good.     The moon shot is clear and you can really see the surface pretty well.


  1. is a great online photo-editing program. It's free or you can get a year for around $25 and have freedom to do more. It should let you take pick a color and neutralize it. I love picnik!

  2. You need to get a filter for your camera. A UV filter will make your pics look more natural. They are very inexpensive. Just make sure you get one that matches your brand.