Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Abby Meets Cate

I went home last night and got some rest. Andy stayed with Callie.  Her hemoglobin blood count is 9.6 so they didn't need to give her the two units of blood they ordered last night.  She took a shower and washed her hair.  Her catheter is removed and she is functioning on her own now.  Thank God. She says she feels sooooo much better.  Can't blame her.

Andy came home and picked up Abby and me to come back and visit "Baby Cakes".  That is what Abby calls her so I think that will be her nick name.  Cute, huh?!

We brought Abby in and she was thrilled to meet her new baby sister. She wanted to see her toes and hands. She touched her nose. She gave her a big kiss and Andy let her hold the baby.  She was very gentle.  Probably because of all the practice with her dollies.

Andy took Abby home to get some rest.  Callie is eating lunch. She is craving Taco Bell food, but it is snowing like crazy right now so we won't be getting any for her, especially since Andy took the car home for a bit.

Callie likes her nurse on this floor but she says the other nurses are a bit strange.  Well, you can't always have the perfect caregiver.  That is why I am needed....lol!  Nothing like Mom when the kids are sick or ailing. I love it and am really glad I can be here sharing this with them.  It is awesome.  I have beautiful grandchildren all the way around.  I am so blessed!

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