Monday, March 8, 2010

Hugs and Kisses

My granddaughter, Abby, is hilarious.  When she gave me a hug and kiss before going to bed the first night I stayed at my daughter's house I felt so good.  I thought that was special and just for me.  Then reality hit.  As I was giving her a bath and letting the water out she had to "hug" the water as it was draining.  "Good-bye water."  Hug!  Then she kissed all her boats as she stacked them on the edge of the tub.  "Bye boats. "  Kiss, kiss.

When I put her down for a nap we have to kiss all the dollies, books, toys, blankets and each other.  Then we do a round of hugs, sing some love songs, and then do it all again.  I fall asleep before she does. I think it is a nap time tactic.

I took her for a walk today.  She saw many pine cones and was entralled with them.  Then she saw a broken one.  Of course she had to pick it up and kiss it.  "Bye-bye boken pine cone."  Sigh.  She is a very loving girl and much like her mom who when she is taking her pain
medication loves everyone and everything.

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