Thursday, March 4, 2010

First Night at Home

Yesterday went pretty well, but last night was another thing altogether.  Callie didn't get much sleep at all.  The baby wanted to nurse all night. That is pretty much the usual when a new baby comes home.

This morning Callie had to take Cate to the doctor for her first baby check.  Seems really soon to me.  Andy was going to take her but he was exhausted so I let him sleep with Abby and we headed to the doctor about 7:15 am.

The baby checked out well, but Callie isn't doing so well.  She was dizzy and nauseated.  She was really pale.  I brought her home and gave her the medications the physician gave her.  She hadn't eaten breakfast and so I made oatmeal, toast, juice, and hot tea.  She also had an apple.  She ate it all.

Callie is resting now after nursing the baby. She may be fighting the postpartum blues. I think she needs to drink a lot of water throughout the day so she stays hydrated.

Andy and Abby went to Target to spend a gift certificate for new bedding that will go on Abby's new bed.  That will give Callie time for some real sleep.  I think she needs rest and no stress. She wants mashed potatoes and gravy so off to get that started.

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