Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baby Cakes Comes Home

It is about 7:30 am. Today is the day that baby Cate, alias Baby Cakes, comes home.  They won't release her until 4 or 5 pm because of Callie's strep B. They want to make sure the baby is remaining healthy.  So far she is and we are anticipating them I'm off to clean and see what I can make for supper.

It is now 3:30 pm. Abby and I ate lunch and then took naps. I woke up when I heard the car door shut and footsteps coming up the stairs. In came the new little family.  Callie is so glad to be home.
Andy bought a new coming home outfit.  Pink with white daisies.  Sooo cute!  Abby is checking out the baby very carefully.

Callie unfortunately is feeling very light headed and nauseated again.  The nurse told her she would feel like that for awhile but it is kind of scary.  I will be keeping a very close eye on her for now.

I made a "Moses Basket" out of one of Callie's laundry baskets for the living room.  She can set it up on the rocker foot rest and rock the baby right next to her while recovering on the couch. The challenge is to keep Abby off of Mommy.  She wants to be right up there watching the baby nurse and naming all the fingers and toes. She has taken all the blankets out of the "Moses Blanket" to cover the new baby. Poor baby.  I think she is in for much mothering from her big sister!

If you would like to read this birth from a couple different perspectives read Laura's story "A Woman Is Born" at and Callie's personal experience at

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