Thursday, March 25, 2010

Asthma, Colds, and Making The Most Of It

Poor kids.  Davy has a bad cold and Sebby has a cold that launched his asthma.  Fortunately we know how to deal with the asthma attacks now so that we don't have to take Sebastian to the hospital.  I am really glad because it saves us sooooo much money!  Maybe that is why God never sold my Oxygen and Medical business.  Now it is providing for my family.  The Dr. gave an RX for Sebby and I had immediate delivery of Oxygen.  Casey still has medicine from the last time and the Dr. upped his dosage for the first two days.  We have been giving regular nebulizer treatments and he seems to be doing better.

Unfortunately because they are both sick we can't go outside.  It can get cabin feverish.  The boys decided to play hide and seek.  Sebby got to be off his oxygen for awhile so we played.  They are creative.  Funny how they have to call me when they are hiding so in can find them.  Sebby asked me to put Davy in the hamper with him so they could "hide" together.  Very cute.

A friend suggested we try a vegan diet for awhile and see if that works to reduce the asthma for Seb.  So Casey went out and bought a few things and made a couple of really good recipes.  My first thought about going vegan is, no flavor diet.  But the recipes we tried are really good. We found them online by typing key word Vegan Recipes. I will share them in a future blog.

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  1. You should make some fajitas. Really easy. Onion, peppers, olive oil. Guac for a condiment instead of cheese. Warm tortillas. Tofu strips fried crispy for texture with some mexican seasonings for flavor. Yummy... I make this when my MIL is in town. We have the spanish rice with it.