Monday, March 29, 2010

Home Made

Sebby and I decided to try our hand at making crackers.  So many crackers in the store have milk products of some sort in them.  Whew! I didn't realize that going to the grocery store for "vegan" food would be like going to the library.  I really have to read labels. I also need to carry my laptop so I can look up all the funny looking words in the ingredient list like "casein".   It is a protein found in cheese and milk. Now I have to plan my trips instead of just running to the store for a quick shop.

I looked on line for a cracker recipe. The one we did was really simple but I think I need to tweak it before sharing it with you.  I think the key is making sure the dough is rolled thin enough and the crackers are baked long enough but not too long.  I am at high altitude and so I am going to have to mess around with the recipe till I get something good.  Sebby like them when we tasted them.

Davy wasn't so sure about the crackers. He does like graham crackers though.  He also doesn't have to be on the vegan diet, but since Sebby is why not let them both be on it.  Then I don't have to cook so many different things at meal time!

If any of you have ever made crackers before I would love to hear your experiences with them.  Would love the recipes too!

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