Friday, March 5, 2010

Like Mommy and Laundry Baskets

Siblings very much want to be involved with the new baby.  At least when they first come home.  I'm sure the newness wears off as it did after my son was born.  My girls were so excited to have a new baby brother and when I brought him home they played with their dolls and "helped" me with the new "toy."  After about 3 weeks they decided this kid took too much of Mom's time away from them.  So the attention getting started in. 

Sometimes attention getting included doing over and over the things that I thought were so cute to begin with.  One of those things was nursing.  Callie would "nurse" her dollie while I nursed Joshua.  Cute?  Of course.  Even when she would do it in church, restaurantes, car, store, and just about anywhere.  I would just shrug with a sheepish grin and say, "Like Mommy".

Today, Abby got the great idea to "nurse" her dollie.  And so it starts...."aww, isn't that so cute?  Let's take a picture."  Well, Callie....get ready, because you ARE gonna have to say, "Like Mommy."

Who would have ever thought that a lanudry basket would make the perfect basinet. Cate is as snug as a bug in a rug.  Kind of like a cacoon. Andy likes it too because he moves it to wherever he is so he can keep an eye on her. It also fits nicely on the foot rest of the rocker so one can rock her gently to sleep.  And those handles for easy carrying are great! Very convenient. I think I will market them as a new baby product that parents must have. I just don't want to forget that this isn't folded laundry and put her away in a drawer some place.

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