Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cate Update #2

Cate is 10 days old. She is changing so fast.  It's funny to watch Cate make faces.  She is dealing with all sorts of stuff from hunger, to temperature, to touch.  She doesn't like sitting in a full diaper, as if anyone would.  She makes faces for all of it.

I get to give her baths.  She likes part of it, like getting her head washed.  The rest of it, like washing her neck folds and behind her ears she can do without.  She smells wonderful after her bath.  Her umbilacl cord stump is almost ready to fall off.

She is alert and can track with her eyes a little bit.  She seems to focus in on close things.  She will stare at my face for a long time.  Hope she doesn't have nightmares over it.  She is getting her days and nights straightened out better, but Callie was up a lot last night with her and was very, very tired!!!

I am fighting the urge to go out and buy another outfit so I can take more pictures.  But then I really don't need cute clothes.  She is cute enough! BTW.  Her congestion seems to be clearing up. 


  1. could be just mere speculation but I think she looks a little bit more like Andy. I see it in that top picture.

  2. Yeah, she does look more like the Adam's side of the fam right now.