Monday, March 15, 2010

Snuggling With Abby

Andy usually gets up early with the girls so Callie can get a few extra winks.  She was up most of the night last night because Cate decided it was time to play around 10:00 pm.  So I went upstairs about 8 am as Andy was getting ready to head out the door for work. On his way out he woke up Abby and kissed her good-bye.

Abby come out into the living room saying, "Abby's awake."  She crawled up on the couch with me.  She likes the smooth feel of my satin pjs.  We got the blanket and snuggled together while watching the early morning news.  She sipped on a cup of milk and snuggled under my arm.  Content to have her there and she being content to stay there we enjoyed sitting together for half an hour.

I've been here almost a month and Abby is finally comfortable with me.  Sad that I have to leave in three days. I guess I just need to make the most of those days while I have them.

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