Monday, March 1, 2010

Labor Update # 10

9:15 am:
Callie has the same nurse that she had with Abby two years ago. This nurse prides herself on giving good IVs.  Callie tried to tell her to get the IV team right off but the just had to try.  She missed.  In came the IV team, a Ken doll and his cart.  This guy was able to give her a good IV but it was hard not to chuckle.  He had very little body fat, big arms, and perfectly straight and blinding white teeth.  He was really nice though.

Callie's Pitocin drip has been going for about 30 minutes and nothing. I am beginning to wonder if it is going to happen today.

First contraction.  Nurse anesthatist came in to interview her for her epidural.  Callie is so funny.  When asked if she had an epidual before she said, "Yes, I I loved it!"

Dr. Hardenburg just broke Callie's water.  Callie is doing great.  No huge contractions yet but are expected soon.

Contractons are coming more often.  About five on the pain scale.  She is playing a game on her IPOD.

Contractions every 1.5 to 2 minutes apart.  Callie still has her humor which I think will be leaving shortly when she screams "give me drugs!!!"  But for now, she is calm and doing fine.

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